Choose a web hosting company !

How do I choose a web hosting company?

Choose your web hosting provider carefully !!!

Choose your web hosting provider carefully !!!

 This is your most important choice at this point: choosing the right hosting company! And that can get quite overwhelming quite fast… search for hosting in your favorite search engine and you will see what we mean! So what do you look for?

Many web hosting companies will advertise hosting plans that include more or less hard drive space to store your web pages and more or less bandwidth to transfer your web pages to your visitors. But, if you are just starting out, you don’t really need to worry about these! Any web hosting plan from any reputable web hosting company will fit your needs.

If your site gets widely popular in the future and you get tens of thousands of visits every day, you may need to upgrade to a bigger hosting plan in the future but that shouldn’t be much of a concern for now.

Actually, the most important difference you will find from one company to another is the quality of their tech support. Some companies will be easy to contact, some won’t. Some will be helpful, some won’t. Some will be friendly, some won’t.

The quality of tech support is pretty hard to grasp from a company’s website. And if you actually try to contact them, you will be put in touch with the sales department, not the tech support department.

This is why you’ll need to rely on third parties who have had previous experience with the company of your choice to tell you about their experience…For that matter, you can search for reviews on each hosting company on Google. You can also check out specialized web sites that are reviewing all major hosting companies, evaluating them and ranking them against each other. One good such hosting provider list can be found at

What about price?

You will notice that the aforementioned site also has a list of cheap web hosting companies.

Be aware of two caveats though:

First, getting cheaper prices often requires you to commit to a certain length of time: one year, two years, three years… some web hosting companies even offer their best price only if you sign up for four (4!) years and pay in advance!

We typically recommend you sign up for two years maximum in advance. That will get you good prices without having to put out too much cash upfront. The other caveat is that very cheap hosting typically comes with pretty cheap support! If you go for cheap, make sure you select your host carefully after checking hosting review sites.

Note:  Do not fall into the “free hosting” caveat. They will add their own ads all over your site and sometimes you won’t even see those ads yourself. (They will hide them from you using cookies.)