How to upload a whole folder through cPanel !

It’s actually quite easy to upload files to your cpanel account.  However, the fastest way to do it is to upload the zip file into the directory where you want the files.  Once the zip file is in the correct place, you highlight it and click “Extract” – and,   all the files will be extracted.

If you get the zip file in the wrong place or if you’ve extracted the folder/files into the wrong place, you can drag and drop them into the correct place on the navigation pane on the left (if you’re using the Filemanager).


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Usable Proxy Site List!

Here are the some urls of the proxy urls which can be useful for you:

Thank you.


WHMCS v6.0.2 : This file cannot be accessed directly : Pipe.php!

This post is especially for our resellers who have recently upgraded the WHMCS billing client to the version v6.0.2. New latest version comes with the special crons and they needs to define under the legacy path like whmcs_cron. All the other crons runs after the configuration done as per the whmcs update but pipe.php always gives error as “This file cannot be accessed directly” and its because of the below reasons :

1. Make sure that you have php-imap module installed at the server side

2. Make sure to upload the pipe.php cron from the latest patch of the whmcs

3. Run the easyapache if above things failed to address the issue.

Thats it.

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