Computer File Extensions

Computer File Extensions

File Extentions

.$$$  Temporary file

.2GR  A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode on a 286 or 386 computer

.386  Swap file; enables computer running in enhanced mode to use Windows with virtual memory

.3GR  A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in enhanced mode on a 386, 486, or Pentium computer

.906  Calcomp plotter

.A3W  MacroMedia Authorware Windows 3.5

.ABK  AutoBackup, Corel Draw

.ABR  Brush – Adobe Photoshop

.ACL  Keyboard accelerator, Corel Draw 6

.ACM  Windows system directory file

.ACV  Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2

.AD  After Dark

.ADB  1. Appointment DataBase, HP 100LX. 2. Body file type, Ada language

.ADD  Adapter Driver – OS/2

.ADM  AfterDark MultiModule

.ADR  AfterDark Randomizer. AfterDark is a screensaver program that can be set to randomly display a variety of screensaver patterns one after another

.ADS  Specification file type, Ada language

.AFM  Adobe Font Metrics – Type 1 font metrics

.AG4  Access G4

.AI  Adobe Illustrator

.AIF  Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF. A format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac

.AIFF  Audio Interchange File Format. An uncompressed sound format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac, using QuickTime or Sound Player

.ALL  Arts and Letters Library

.ANI  Animated cursor

.ANS  ANSI text

.API  Application Program Interface. An interface between the operating system and application programs

.APP  MacroMedia Authorware package

.ARC   ARC Compressed

.ARJ  A PC compressed format found on European sites, which can be decoded with unArjMac, DeArj, and SITEX10.EXE (win).

.ART  An art file, in some draw or paint applications

.ASC  ASCII text file

.ASF  Active Streaming File – HoTMetaL Pro

.ASM  Assembly Source Code

.ASP  Active Server Page – Microsoft

.AST  Assistant file – Claris Works. Assistants guide the user through a task by asking a series of questions and then use the answers to perform a task. Assistants in Claris Works can be used to create such useful items as calendars, newsletters, stationery, labels, and address lists, to make footnotes within a file etc.


.AU  A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers

.AVI  AVI movie format

.AVS  Intel video capture format

.B64  Base 64, the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

.BAK  Backup copy in DOS or OS/2

.BAS  BASIC program file

.BAT  Batch

.BFC  Briefcase document – Windows 95

.BG  Backgammon game

.BI  Binary file

.BIN  Driver or A MacBinary II encoded file. This file type, downloaded as MacBinary or Binary, can be decompressed with Stuffit Expander

.BK  Backup copy

.BK$  Backup file

.BLT  Wordperfect for DOS

.BMP  Bitmap

.BNK  Sim City game file

.BRX  Browse Index. Found on multimedia CD-ROMs

.BTM  Batch file – Norton Utilities

.CC  program file

.CAB  Microsoft compressed format

.CAL  Calendar or CALS

.CAP  Caption

.CBT  Computer-Based Training; a tutorial file

.CCH  Corel chart

.CCM  Lotus cc:Mail

.CDA  CD Audio track

.CDR  CorelDraw

.CDT  Corel Draw template

.CDX  Corel Draw compressed file (file extension)

.CDX  Visual FoxPro database index

.CFB  Compton’s multimedia encyclopedia

.CFG  Configuration

.CFL  Corel Flow

.CGI  Common Gateway Interface. A file that makes it possible for HTTP servers to interface with computer programs to provide interactive functions like fill-out forms

.CGM  CGM graphics

.CHK  Checkdisk – DOS Command

.CHP  Chapter – Ventura

.CIF  Chapter Information – Venture

.CIM  Sim City file

.CIT  Intergraph scanned image

.CLP  Clipboard File

.CMD  Command file – OS/2

.CMF  Corel MetaFile

.CMF  SoundBlaster file

.CMP  LEAD Technologies graphics

.CMV  Corel Move animation

.CNF  Configuration file

.CNQ  Compuworks Design Shop

.COB  COBOL source code

.COM  Command file – small version of .EXE

.CPE  Fax Cover document

.CPI  Code Page – DOS

.CPL  Control Panel – Windows

.CPP  C++ program file

.CPR  Knowledge Access graphics

.CPT  Compact Pro

.CPX  Corel Presentation Exchange compressed file

.CRD  Windows Cardfile

.CSC  Corel Script

.CSS  Cascading Style Sheet

.CSV  Comma delimited

.CTL  Control file

.CTY  City file – SimCity

.CUR  Windows cursor image

.CUT  Dr. Halo graphics

.CV  Microsoft CodeView

.CWK  Claris Works

.CWS  Claris Works template

.DAT  Data

.DB  Table – Paradox

.DBC  Visual FoxPro database

.DBF  Database File – dBASE

.DBT  Database text – dBASE

.DBX  DATABEAM graphics

.DCA  IBM text

.DCS  Color Separation – EPS

.DCT  Dictionary

.DD  Disk Doubler

.DDI  Disk Doubler Image

.DEF  Definition – C++

.DER  Certificate

.DEV  Device driver file

.DG  Autotrol graphics

.DGN  Intergraph graphics

.DIB  DIB graphics – Windows

.DIC  Dictionary

.DIF  Data Interchange Format spreadsheet

.DLL  Dynamic link library

.DOC  Document file

.DOT  Document Template – Microsoft Word

.DOX  MultiMate document

.DPI  Dots Per Inch – graphics

.DPR  Delphi project file

.DRV  Driver

.DRW  Designer graphics

.DS4  Designer graphics, version 4

.DSF  Designer graphics, version 6

.DWG  AutoCAD vector format

.DWG  Drawing – AutoCAD

.DX  Document Imaging

.DXF  AutoCAD vector format

.ED5  EDMICS graphics

.EMF  Enhanced Windows Metafile

.EML  electronic mail

.ENC  encoded

.EPS  Encapsulated PostScript format

.ESI  Esri plot file

.EXE  Executable file – machine code

.FAX  Fax

.FDX  Force Index

.FH3  Aldus Freehand 3

.FLC  AutoDesk animation

.FLD  Thumbnail folder – Hijaak

.FLI  AutoDesk animation

.FLR  Live3D

.FLT  Filter – graphics conversion

.FM  Framemaker

.FM3  Format for 1-2-3 Version 3

.FMT  Format – dBASE

.FNT  Font

.FOG  Fontographer font

.FON  1. Bitmapped Font – Windows 2. Phone


.FOT  Windows TrueType font

.FOX  FoxBase

.FP  Claris FileMaker Pro

.FP1  Flying Pigs

.FP3  Filemaker Pro 3

.FPX  FlashPix bitmap

.FRM  Form design – Visual Basic

.FRS  WordPerfect Graphics Driver

.G4  GTX RasterCAD

.GCA  GOCA graphics

.GED  Arts & Letters graphics

.GEM  GEM graphics

.GEO  VideoScope

.GIF  Graphics Interchange Format

.GLY  Glossary

.GP3  CCITT compressed Group 3 TIFF file

.GP4  Group 4 – CALS, ITU. CCITT compressed Group 4 TIFF file

.GRA  Microsoft Graph

.GRF  Graph

.GRP  Group

.GX1  Show Partner graphics

.GX2  Show Partner graphics

.GZ  GNU gzip compressed file – Unix

.H  Header (file name extension – C).

.HDF  Hierarchical Data File

.HED  HighEdit document

.HEL  Microsoft Hellbender game file

.HGL  HP Graphics Language

.HLP  Help

.HPJ  Help Project – Visual Basic

.HPL  HP Graphics

.HQX  BinHex (file name extension – Macintosh)

.HST  Host

.HT  HyperTerminal

.HTM  DOS file name extension for a document with HTML coding, which can be read by WWW browsers

.HTML  File name extension for a document with HTML coding, which can be read by WWW browsers

.HWP  Hangul Word Processor

.HYC  Hyphenation – WordPerfect

.HYP  Hyphenation

.ICA  IOCA graphics

.ICB  Targa bitmap

.ICM  Image Colour Matching

.ICO  Icon – Windows or OS/2

.ICON  Sun icon and cursor

.IDD  Instrument Definition – MIDI

.IDE  Integrated Development Environment configuration

.IDX  Index

.IFF  Amiga

.IGF  Inset Systems graphics – Hijaak

.IIF  Interchange File – QuickBooks for Windows

.IL  Icon Library

.IMA  Winimage compressed format These files can be decoded or mounted by ShrinkWrap

.IMAGE  Mac disk image; a compressed format which can be decoded or mounted by DiskCopy, Disk Image Mounter, Disk Charmer, and ShrinkWrap (ImageMaster)

.IMG Image  This file is a Macintosh Disk Image. Disk Copy can be used to mount the disk image on the Macintosh Desktop. The mounted disk image will behave like a read-only disk

.IND  Index

.INF  Information

.INI  Initialization – configuration settings

.IOB  Imagine file

.ISU  Netscape file

.IT  MOD music file format

.IW  Idlewild screensaver

.IX  Index File – Framemaker

.JFF or .JFIF  JPEG File Interchange Format; a 24-bit graphic format. It can be opened with QuickTime, a WWW browser, or a graphics viewer such as JPEGView

.JIF  JPEG Image Format

.JPEG  JPEG bitmap

.JPG  File extension for JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). A file stored in JPEG format. JPEG,an ISO/ITU standard for storing images with high compression capability, uses a discreet cosine transform that can achieve compression rates of 100:1 (significant loss of data from original) and 20:1 (minimal loss). C-Cube Microsystems introduced the first JPEG chip

.JT  JT Fax

.JTF  JPEG bitmap

.KDC  Kodak Photo-Enhancer

.KFX  Kofax

.LBL  Label – dBASE

.LBM  Deluxe Paint graphics file

.LDB  Lock file – Microsoft Access

.LEG  Legacy document

.LHA  File name extension for a PC/Amiga compression format decodable by LHA Expander or MacLHA

.LHS  Literate Haskell source file

.LHZ  LHA compression file

.LIB  Library

.LIC  License file – shareware

.LOG  Log

.LST  List

.LWP  Lotus Word Pro document

.LZH  LHARC compression

.lZS  PC/Amiga compression format

.M3D  Motion 3D – Corel

.MAC  MacPaint

.MAF  Microsoft Access Form

.MAK  Makefile

.MAM  Microsoft Access Macro

.MAP  Map – linkage editor

.MAQ  Microsoft Access Query

.MAR  Microsoft Access Report

.MAT  Microsoft Access Table

.MCS  MathCAD format

.MCW  Microsoft Word for Macintosh

.MDB  Access database

.MDX  Multi-index

.MET  Metafile – OS/2

.MEU  Menu

.MFF  MIDI File Format

.MGF  Micrografx Draw Font

.MI  Miscellaneous

.MIC  Microsoft Image Composer


.MIFF  An ImageMagick file format

.MIL  Group 4 file

.MIME  MIME; The encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

.MME  Mime encoded file; The encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

.MMF  Microsoft Mail File

.MMM  Macromind animation

.MOD  (For module) – A music file format that contains digitized sound samples A .MOD file takes more memory than a MIDI file because a MIDI file contains instructions for making sounds but not the actual sound samples. There are .MOD players for Amiga, PC, and Macintosh computers

.MOOV  QuickTime movie – This file can be viewed with QuickTime Player

.MOV  Movie – QuickTime

.MOVIE  QuickTime Movie – This file can be viewed with QuickTime Player

.MOZ  Mozilla – Netscape cache file

.MP2  MPEG Layer II compressed audio. This file can be played using QuickTime Player and some other sound players

.MP3  MPEG Layer III compressed audio. This file can be played with QuickTime Player, Real Player, and some other sound players


.MPEG  MPEG movie or animation file. This file can be played with QuickTime Player

.MPG  MPEG encoded file. This file is an MPEG movie, and can be played with QuickTime Player

.MPNT  Macintosh MacPaint

.MPP  Microsoft Project project file

.MPT  Microsoft Project template file

.MPX  Microsoft Project export file

.MRK  Markup – Informative Graphics

.MSG  Message file

.MSN  Microsoft Network document

.MSP  Microsoft Paint

.MUS  Music

.MVB  Microsoft Multimedia Viewer

.MYS  Myst saved game file

.NDX  Index – dBASE

.NET  Network file

.NG  Norton Guides

.NLM  NLM program – NetWare

.NTF  Notes Template File – Lotus Notes database

.OAB  Outlook Address Book – Microsoft


.OBD  Microsoft Office Binder

.OBJ  Object module

.OCX  Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Custom Control

.OLB  OLE Object Library

.OLE  OLE object

.ONX  Onyx Graphics Postershop

.ORI  Original

.OVL  Overlay module

.OVR  Overlay module

.OZM  Sharp Organizer memo bank

.OZP  Sharp Organizer telephone bank

.P10  Tektronix Plot10

.PAB  Personal Address Book – Microsoft

.PAK  Quake game data

.PAL  Paintbrush palette

.PAS  Pascal program file

.PAT  Pattern – Corel Draw

.PBK  Microsoft Phonebook

.PBM  Portable Bit Map

.PCD  Photo CD format

.PCL  HP LaserJet

.PCM  LaserJet cartridge information

.PCS  PICS animation

.PCT  PC Paint

.PCW  PC Write

.PCX  1. PC Paintbrush 2. Graphics file – Zsoft format

.PDG  PrintShop Deluxe

.PDV  PC Paintbrush printer driver

.PFA  Type 1 font – ASCII

.PFB  Type 1 font – encrypted

.PFM  Postscript Font Metrics; Windows Type 1 font metrics

.PGL  HPGL 7475A plotter – vector graphics

.PGM  Portable Gray Map bitmap

.PHTML  HTML document with preprocessing instructions (PPIs)

.PIC  PICT graphics format, or PIXAR picture file

.PICT  Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT This kind of file stores images in QuickDraw vector format. PICT2 can have grayscale bitmapped images also

.PIF  Program Information File – Windows

.PIT  PackIt – Macintosh compression

.PIX  Inset Systems graphics

.PJX  Project file – Visual FoxPro

.PKG  AppleLink package compression format These files are decodable by StuffIt Expander

.PL  Perl script

.PLT  Plotter drawing

.PM  PageMaker

.PM3  PageMaker 3 document

.PM4  PageMaker 4 document

.PM5  PageMaker 5 document

.PNG  1. Portable Network Graphics bitmap 2. Paint Shop Pro Browser

.POV  Persistence Of Vision raytracer

.PPA  PowerPoint Add-in – Microsoft

.PPD  PostScript Printer Description

.PPM  Portable PixelMap

.PPS  PowerPoint Slideshow

.PPT  PowerPoint presentation

.PRD  Printer driver – Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works

.PRG  A dBASE source code file

.PRJ  Project file

.PRN  1. Print file – temporary 2. XyWrite printer driver 3. PostScript file

.PRS  WordPerfect printer driver

.PRT  Formatted text

.PS  PostScript. This is a plain text file

.PSD  Photoshop Document

.PUB  Publication – Ventura Publisher, Microsoft Publisher

.PWD  Pocket Word document – Microsoft

.PWZ  Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard

.PXL  Microsoft Pocket Excel

.QBW  QuickBooks for Windows

.QDK  Quarterdeck Qemm

.QLB  Quick Library

.QLC  ATM font information

.QRY  Microsoft Query

.QT  QuickTime movie, binary file type

.QTM  QuickTime Movie

.R8L  LaserJet landscape font

.R8P  LaserJet portrait font

.RA  RealAudio

.RAM  Real Audio

.RAS  Raster graphics – Sun

.RAW  Raw file format – bitmap

.RC  A file name extension found in many UNIX files (.newsrc, etc.) which means “run commands”

.REC  Windows Recorder macro file

.REG  Registration file

.REP  Report file


.RGB  An SGI RGB image file

.RIA  Alpharel Group IV raster graphics

.RIB  Renderman graphics

.RIC  Roch FaxNet

.RIF  Fractal Painter bitmap

.RIFF  Resource Interchange File Format A multimedia file format; the Microsoft equivalent to Amiga IFF format

.RIX  RIX virtual screen

.RLA  Wavefront raster image

.RLC  CAD Overlay ESP – Image Systems

.RLE  Run Length Encoded

.RM  Real Media


.RND  AutoShade format

.RNL  GTX Runlength raster graphics

.RPT  Report file

.RTF  Microsoft text and graphics

.S  Assembly language file – Unix

.S3M  MOD music file

.SAM  AmiPro

.SAV  Saved game

.SBP  IBM Storyboard graphics / Superbase text

.SC  Source Code – Paradox

.SCM  ScreenCam movie

.SCP  Dial-up networking script

.SCR  1. Screensaver – Windows. 2. Screen Layout – dBASE. 3. Script for Apple’s Disk Copy utility

.SCT  Screen Capture Text – Lotus

.SDL  SmartDraw Library

.SEA  Self-Extracting Archive (Stuffit or Compact Pro)

.SEG  Segment (of a compressed file saved in segments with Stuffit or Compact Pro)

.SEP  TIFF bitmap

.SET  Setup parameters

.SFL  LaserJet landscape font

.SFP  LaserJet portrait font

.SFS  PCL 5 scalable font

.SHAR  UNIX shell archive, which can be decoded by Unshar

.SHTML  HTML file with embedded server-side includes (SSIs)

.SI  SoftImage image file

.SIG  Signature A .sig file can be set up and automatically attached to outgoing email, newsgroup postings, etc. It includes the name and contact information of the sender, and may also have ASCII art, favorite quotes, etc

.SIT  Stuffit compressed file

.SLD  AutoCAD slide

.SLK  Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheet

.SMI  Self-Mounting Image. This file is a Macintosh Disk Image, similar to an .img file, but it does not require the use of Disk Copy. When the file is downloaded, a disk image appears on the Desktop. The disk image will behave like a read-only disk

.SND  Sound file

.SNM  Netscape mail

.SPD  Speedo scalable font

.spx  Screen Peace Extension

.SQB  SyQuest Backup

.SRC  A file used in the creation of .INI files for configuration settings

.STY  Style sheet – Ventura

.SVX  Amiga 8SVX sound

.SWP  Swap – temporary file

.SYD  Sysedit backup file

.SYL  SYLK spreadsheet format

.SYNU  SDSC Synu image

.SYS  System file

.TAL  Adobe Type Align

.TAR  Tar – Tape ARchive. Tar is a UNIX method of archiving files, which can also be used by PCs. Tar archives files but does not compress them, so sometimes .tar files are compressed with other utilities, which produces extensions like .tar.gz, .tar.Z, and .tgz. Archive files with the .tar extension can be extracted in UNIX with tar or on a PC with WinZip or on the Mac with the program Tar

.TAR.gz  Combined file name extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then gzipped

.TAR.Z  Combined file name extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then zipped

.TAZ  Another way of writing .tar.Z

.TBK  Asymetrix Toolbook

.TDF  Typeface definition – Speedo

.TEX  Tex or LaTex document

.TFM  Font metrics – Intellifont

.TGA  TARGA graphics

.TGZ  Another name for .tar.z and .tar.gz

.THEME  Desktop theme – Windows 95

.THN  Thumbnail

.TIF  TIFF graphics file

.TIFF  TIFF graphics file

.TLB  OLE Type Library

.TMP  Temporary file

.TOC  Table Of Contents

.TRM  Terminal settings – Windows

.TTC  TrueType compressed font

.TTF  TrueType font

.TWF  TabWorks File (file extension)

.TX8  MS-DOS text

.TXT  ASCII text file

.USL  LaserJet landscape font

.USP  LaserJet portrait font

.UU  Uuencode compressed file

.UUE  Uuencode file

.VBP  Visual Basic Project

.VBX  Visual Basic Extension

.VDA  Targa bitmap

.VGR  Ventura

.VIFF  Khoros Visualization image file

.VLB  Ventura Library

.VOC  Sound Blaster

.VP  Ventura Publisher

.VST  Targa bitmap

.VUE  Relational View – dBASE

.VXD  Virtual Device Driver

.WAB  Windows Address Book

.WAV  Sound file

.WBK  Microsoft Word Backup

.WDB  Microsoft Works Database

.WID  Ventura width table

.WIN  Windows backup file

.WIZ  Microsoft Word Wizard

.WK1  Lotus 1-2-3, up to 2.01

.WK3  Lotus version 3

.WK4  Lotus version 4

.WKQ  Quattro spreadsheet

.WKS  1. Lotus Worksheet. 2. Microsoft Works document

.WLR  VRML page

.WMF  Windows Metafile

.WP  WordPerfect

.WPD  1. Windows Printer Description. 2. WordPerfect Demo. 3. WordPerfect Document

.WPG  WordPerfect Graphics

.WPM  WordPerfect macro

.WPS  Microsoft Works document

.WPT  WordPerfect Template

.WRI  Windows Write document

.WRK  Symphony spreadsheet

.WS1  WordStar for Windows 1 document

.WS2  WordStar for Windows 2 document

.WS3  WordStar for Windows 3 document

.WS4  WordStar for Windows 4 document

.WS5  WordStar for Windows 5 document

.WS6  WordStar for Windows 6 document

.WS7  WordStar for Windows 7 document

.WVL  Wavelet compressed bitmap

.X  AVS X image file

.XAR  Corel Xara drawing

.XBM  X Bitmap

.XFX  JetFax

.XIF  Xerox Image Format

.XLC  Excel chart

.XLK  Microsoft Excel backup

.XLM  Microsoft Excel macro

.XLS  Excel worksheet

.XLT  Microsoft Excel template

.XM  MOD music format

.XPM  X Pixelmap

.XWD  X Window System window dump image

.XXE  Xxencoded file

.YAL  Arts & Letters click art

.Z  Unix compress file

.ZIP  File compressed using PKZIP

.ZOO  Zoo


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