New Years Resolutions to Better Your Business in 2015

92 percent of us will make a New Years Resolution, according to a stat I just made up. It’s human nature to reflect and try to better yourself and your business when the calendar flips. Let’s make 2015 the year to take your crowned jewel to the next level. Fix your weaknesses and improve your strengths for domination of your industry by improving on these resolutions for your business.

Develop a 2015 strategy plan – Ruminate on the past year and think about what you can achieve for the next 12 months. Write down attainable and realistic goals you wish to complete. Set a new goal with each finished milestone and don’t forget to take time to celebrate each completed accomplishment.

Upgrade your mobile site
– 2015 could be the year more people access your website via mobile device than personal computer. Your business website will be viewed through a wide spectrum of devices. Do you know what your site looks like on an iPad mini or an HTC One? Consider upgrading to a responsive theme to ensure the same viewing experience on all platforms.

Find your top 10 customers – You may know who these ten saints are, but make sure everyone else in the company knows too. Make sure they are constantly happy; build on these relationships and ask what you can do for them. Once you have gathered information on your best customers, see if you can find 10 more just like them.

Collaborate with your peers
– Get into a networking group with friends and competitors alike to collaborate, promote, and market each others companies to bring in visitors that would never have found you. This is also a good way to learn from your competition.

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