Create Yum Repository On Local Machine

Yum repository on local machine

If you want to install software/packages after installation of linux (CentOS, Fedora etc.). You can create the yum repository to install all the software/packages which is present into the instillation CD. When you have try to install software/packages then some time it shows dependencies problems. To fix this problem I suggest your create the local machine yum repository by using the following steps.

1) Create directory

mkdir -p /root/install/RPMS

2) Copy all the software/packages RPMS from instillation CD/DVD to /root/install/RPMS directory

3) Install createrepo RPM from /root/install/RPMS directory using rpm command

rpm -ivh createrepo-0.4.11-3.el5.rpm

3) Now, we will have to create repo of the directory in which we have coied the RPMS. Following is the command to create the repo

[root@server ~] createrepo /root/install/RPMS
Once the above command gets completed you will find repodata directory in /root/install/RPMS folder

4) configuing YUM to work with local repository. Create a new file in /etc/yum.repo.d/ or open /etc/yum.conf and paste following

[local repo]
name = OS $release – MyLocalRepo
baseurl = file://root/install/RPMS
Now Try to install any package using ” yum ” command

for example:

yum install mysql

yum install php*


SSH With Private Key Authentication

How to Add ssh user on linux server ?


You can use the putyykey generator and generate the ssh key for the user and copy into the local computer.You can download the puttykey generator from the URL

The following are the steps for creating ssh user with the authentication :-
#adduser test
#passwd test
#cd /home/test
#mkdir .ssh
#cd .ssh
#vi authorized_keys
In which file paste the generated key and save
Then add this user into wheel group
#vi /etc/group
# vi /etc/sudoers
search the below line and remove comment.
# Same thing without a password

Problem In Password Protection Using .Htaccess

Problem in password protection using .htaccess

How to protect CRE Loaded admin area ?


Problem when page requires authentication

How to set password protection for sub directory without affecting to other .htaccessrewrite rules

Ans :

You will notice that the default .htaccess will not work if your page requires authentication.

Suppose you have set the password protection for admin or any other sub-directory and when you tyr to access the URL then it shows the “401 error .

This problem is occurred due the root .htaccess ( which is under document root) file.

I have trying all sorts of htaccess rewrites in different places but the solution is very simple.

Add this line to the beginning of the .htaccess file in your root .htaccess means “/home/username/publi_html/.htaccess ” file.

ErrorDocument 401 “Unauthorized”

After that when you have access the URL then it ask the login details.


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