Half Dollar SSD Hosting – $0.50 Per Month!

Half Dollar SSD Hosting, yes hosting trend has been changed from traditional HDD based hosting service to pro 300% fast $1/M SSD Hosting and price will be $0.50/M after applying 50% discount. This is very rare and affordable price for the ssd based hosting services and we also called it as Cheap SSD Hosting.

As per the recommendations for high-performance and high resourced services, sites and applications, solid state storage drive is by far the best choice. We observed also noticed that the website speed gets 20 times faster than the traditional HDD hosting with our Half Dollar SSD Hosting. Also our prices are more cheaper and reliable than the others. We offer maximum SSD space with unlimited bandwidth for our web hosting plans and which ensures that any type of site can work through out with this Linux SSD Hosting. Also it comes with the cpanel as control panel, cloudlinux, softacolous library, Min 1GB RAM, Unlimited FTP, Email Accounts, Subdomains etc. This service also included with the Free auto SSL, Lets Encrypt SSL, Free Migration and Free Domain registration with premium plan. We are also offering 50% off with this $1 ssd hosting plan for limited period and you can use the below promo code for the same

Promo Code : PRE50 [On Annual+ Billing cycle]

Features of Half Dollar SSD Hosting :

300% Faster Hosting with 3D SSD’s
Spam FREE Cloud based Email
Free Migration Service
1GB & Above Maximum RAM
24/7 Technical Support
30-Day Money-Back Policy
Instant Script Installer
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
cpanel as control panel
maximum web space
Free SSL certificate
SEO Tools
Latest PHP Version
Multiphp version
Private Nameservers
Free Domain Registration
Easy Upgrades
Easy Refunds

All Linux SSD Plans and Features :

SSD_EXITE : $1 / Month
– 3GB SSD Web Space
– Double domain hosting
– Softacolous single click script library
– Incremental backups
– Private nameservers
– Single addon domain

SSD_EXTRA : $4 / Month
– 6GB SSD Web Space
– Ten domain hosting
– Softacolous single click script library
– Incremental backups
– Private nameservers
– Single addon domain

SSD_EXPERT : $6 / Month
– 25GB SSD Web Space
– 25 domain hosting
– Softacolous single click script library
– Incremental backups
– Private nameservers
– Single addon domain

SSD_EXTREME : $8 / Month
– 60GB SSD Web Space
– 100 domain hosting
– Softacolous single click script library
– Incremental backups
– Private nameservers
– Single addon domain

Along with this paid hosting services we also recommend beginners or low budget clients to try our Lifetime Free Hosting service and convert into paid once they get familier with hosting related things and have best learning option for everyone.

Benefits of $1 SSD Hosting :

– Helps to Retrieve data 300% Faster
– Helps to improve loading time of website
– Helps to improve upload time of website
– Can handle high web traffic

Order Now : https://www.prewebhost.com/cheap-ssd-hosting.php

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Cheap Reseller Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, 50% Off – Prewebhost.com!

Reseller hosting services are meant for the purpose where users mostly wants to earn commission by reselling services/plans as per their decided prices and features. Our cheap reseller hosting plans are perfect for such requirement where we have offered unlimited space and bandwidth along with the no limit for the addon domains.


Our linux reseller hosting services are based on the high config ddos protected linux based servers. Reseller clients will get the web host manager included with the cpanel for the domain hosted under the reseller plan. Also clients will have features like create/edit package, limiting the parked, addon and subdomains. This way they can design their own shared hosting packages and can reseller to their clients. Also we offer private nameservers for our clients so that they can use them to show domains/shared domains as part of their hosting site. Our cheap reseller hosting plans are cheaper and have best unlimited features which clients can use as per their needs.

We also have other important features like 30 days money back guarantee, free auto ssl, lets encrypt ssl, unlimited free migration, cpanel as control panel, seo tools and much more. Also our services are white lablelled so you can buy and start reselling directly. We are offering 50% one time discount with these plans and clients can get advantage of this one time deal and which is applicable for any billing cycle.

Cheap Reseller Hosting – Promo Code : PRE50

Features :

– 30 days money back guarantee
– Unlimited web space
– unlimited bandwidth
– free migration service
– cpanel as control panel
– seo tools
– unlimited subdomains
– unlimited addon domains
– unlimited parked domains
– unlimited parked domains
– unlimited mysql databases
– ddos protected servers
– US, France DC location
– legal adult contents allowed
– dmca followed strictly
– free ssl certificate
– free lets encrypt ssl
– single click script installer
– private nameservers
– easy billing cycles
– easy upgrades
– since 2010 with unchanged pricing

Prewebhost.com is best and affordable linux reseller hosting provider where you can get best resources at cheaper prices, so visit and go ahead:


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Best Web Hosting Service 2020 – Prewebhost.com!

As a client every one looking for the best, quality, reliable and cheap hosting services and which is Prewebhost is trying to deliver. Best web hosting service can be proven on the basis of resources, customer service, chat support, features and pricing.


Prewebhost is offering perfect combination of pricing, features and resources with all our web hosting plans and hence our plans perfectly suits for the word best web hosting service. We offer hdd and ssd based hosting services starting from from range $0 to $8 per month and where single to unlimited websites can be hosted. With offer cpanel as control panel for the linux based shared and reseller hosting services also all our plans comes with 30 days money back guarantee which is unconditional and can be applied with any billing cycle. Also we offer range of key fetures named as unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, free migration, free ssl certificate, cloudflare, seo tools and much more with our service.

We offer reseller hosting services too and its based on the both hdd and ssd storage platforms and our ssd platforms have best speed for the websites, so we always suggest try and confirm.

Features of Best Web Hosting Service :

– Unlimited Space
– Unlimited bandwidth
– 30 days unconditional money back guarantee
– Easy billing cycles
– Easy upgrades
– Lifetime free services available
– Free Migration Service
– 24×7 Live Chat Support
– 24×7 Support Ticket System
– Search Engine Optimization tools
– cpanel as control panel
– cloudflare supported
– free auto ssl
– free lets encrypt ssl
– Monthly and all billing cycles
– 50% discount with annual billing cycle
– Easy Downgrades
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Unlimited FTP Accounts
– SSH Access
– Max Addon domains
– Max databases
– Max Subdomains
– Max Parked Domains
– Phpmyadmin to administer database
– Backup facility available
– 24×7 Live Chat Support
– 24×7 Email/Ticket Support
– perfect for all types of ecommerce sites

Order Now : https://www.prewebhost.com/cheap-ssd-hosting.php

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